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princess ocansey at bow valley

Join our efforts as we move for quality green jobs for young Ghanaians in our fight against joblessness among our youth in Ghana. Green jobs from Canada for sustainability development, exposure and quality wages. We do not want hand outs - we are only asking for a hand up.


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New York, USA - Dec 3, 2016
Peace Proclamations: Elections 2016 CD Released in 528hz by HE Rev Dr Ocansey
Accra-Ghana Dec 2 - Peace Proclamations:Elections 2016 CD has been released by HE Rev Dr Ocansey - renowned philanthropist and multiple award winning Peace Advocate in partnership with globally acclaimed music producer, Mr. Isaac Aryee,  who recently relocated from the UK to Ghana- to set up the state of the art NiiOkai Music Studio at North Kaneshie and Rev Patrick Arthur, President of Channels United Pastors of the Nekotech Center - Ghana.
" These proclamations were inspired by the Holy Spirit to speak His Peace (Word Peace)  over our beloved nation and it's dear citizens in the heat of the last few days before the elections", said HE Rev Dr Ocansey, Founder of the Nekotech Royal Academy for Peace and Co-Chairperson of the United Nations endorsed "We support Peace" national campaign in the USA, which she co-chairs with Mrs. Harriet Fulbright, wife of the late US Senator of the Fulbright Scholarship Program - as part of the DC based US-Middle East Peace Working Group. 
" When Her Excellency walked into our studio at North Kaneshie, and requested that the music for the Peace Proclamations:Elections 2016 should  be set in 528hz frequency, I was shocked and excited!" said the renowned international music producer, Mr Isaac Aryee.
"People don't normally walk into studios even in the UK asking for 528hz. I knew I was dealing with an expert and this was going to be a masterpiece! These proclamations are very special - spiritually and technically, he said." 
"Most western music are set at 741hz frequency which inspires indecency and usually sexy thoughts." 
Scientifically,  528hz is globally recognised as the frequency that inspires love and peace.
By setting these Word Peace Proclamations at 528hz, they are in tune with God's creations. We also added natural sounds of birds and water making it a very special piece for anyone seeking peace for themselves as well as our nation. 
"The proclamations tell us about God's covenants of peace with us, with bible quotations from both the old and new testament - citing various kinds of peace from Great Peace, to Perfect Peace,  to '
" Peace that passeth all understanding in Christ Jesus", said Her Excellency.
" Jesus tells us in John 14 v 27, that the peace he gives to us is not as the world gives. This tells us clearly that there is World Peace and Christ's Peace - which I was led to name it as "Word Peace" as Jesus Christ is the Word.
"This "Word Peace" is a special kind of blood covenant peace ratified and paid for by the blood that the Prince of Peace shed on the cross. Word Peace is focused on giving us external, internal and eternal peace. World Peace is external, sometimes internal but never offers eternal peace, " said Dr Ocansey.
" Christ healed my broken heart and mind after a stormy time in my life. This is when the Holy Spirit ministered to me about 'Word Peace' through these scriptures to differentiate it from World Peace. These scriptures work. I pray this cd will lead many to shift from World to Word Peace for themselves, their families and the nation, " said Dr Ocansey
There is no broken situation these scriptures can not heal. These scriptures healed me through daily proclamations until they became part of me. I humbly urge the whole nation to practise these daily proclamations of Word Peace over themselves, their families, their businesses and our nation.
 Mr Isaac Aryee added: " I trust if we all get into proclamations of Word peace daily, we will enjoy a daily walk in perfect peace. I petition our media houses to embrace daily peace proclamations of Word Peace giving one minute of airtime a day to one Word Peace Proclamation". 
" We always tell dead people to rest in perfect peace ...how about living in perfect peace now? This is what Christ offers to us. Word Peace is peace that passeth all understanding, it is perfect peace, it is great peace," said Rev Arthur.
This is the special peace this cd proclaims over Ghana and all Ghanaians who can continue to listen and continue to be blessed beyond elections 2016! 
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b2ap3_thumbnail_24571898.jpgAs seen on Ghanaweb

Renowned philanthropist, Her Excellency Rev Dr Ocansey, a Princess from the Ocansey Royal family of Ghana, has received the prestigious Living Legend of Legal Migration Award in Edmonton Canada, from the Fraternity Group of Ghanaians in Edmonton and Calgary on December 13, 2014.


The group held a special ‘Tribute to HE Rev Dr Ocansey’ during the Ghana-Canada Legal Migration recognition ceremony held in Edmonton, Alberta.


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Channels of Blessings and the We Support Peace campaign celebrated both the International Day of Peace, also called ‘Peace Day’, as well as the late Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the first President of Ghana, whose birthdate now coincides with Peace Day. There are no coincidences in God!
When we think of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, ‘Pan-Africanism’, ‘Ghana’s Independence from colonial rule’, and ‘African Unity’, are the words we immediately associate him with. However, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah was highly admired in the international world as a statesman whose commitment to the total liberation of mankind made a remarkable impact on the course of world history.
He was respected as a man devoted to the cause of humanity, not just for his own people alone. He was highly regarded as a man who fought for peace and social injustice everywhere.
When he fought for the independence of Ghana, it was not enough, he asked the people of Ghana to fight for the total liberation of all Africans, helping nations like Nigeria gain independence. When he fought for the unity of Ghana, it was not enough, he also fought for the unity of the continent of Africa, calling for a United States of Africa, and becoming a founding member of the OAU (Organisation of African Unity).
Dr. Nkrumah was a leader who epitomised one who was ‘his brother’s keeper.’ Dr Nkrumah understood clearly, that a united people could birth peace, more so than a people divided. Ultimately, it was his quest for peace that drove him to fight for a united Ghana and a united Africa.
In 1961, when President Kennedy of the USA formed the Peace Corps, the first nation he sent them to was Ghana. It is said that though Peace Corps was formed in the USA, ‘Peace Corps learned to walk in Ghana’. President Kennedy must have thought highly of Dr. Nkrumah to choose Ghana among all the nations of the world, as the first nation of choice, for his new Peace Corps project.
The peace efforts of Dr Nkrumah were recognised also by the other super power, Russia, when in July 1962, Dr Nkrumah was honoured with the International Lenin Peace Prize. Having gained much international stature as a man of Peace, in 1966 Dr. Nkrumah left the shores of Ghana on a Peace Mission to end the Vietnam war, while he was away, a military coup ended his Presidency.
The theme for this year’s Peace Day is: ‘The right of all people to peace’. Flying high on the grounds of the United Nations in New York is the historic: ‘We Support Peace’, banner. The ‘We Support Peace’ Campaign, is a US based global grassroots campaign of renowned world peace advocates across all racial and faith based lines fighting together to restore peace to the Middle East and in other parts of the world, where war and conflict exist.
‘Today, we at ‘We Support Peace’ recognise Dr. Nkrumah and his immense and unspoken contributions to Middle East Peace, The Congo and as well World Peace, said HE Rev. Dr. Ocansey, co-chair of the ‘We Support Peace Campaign’.
‘We applaud his efforts as one of the founding fathers of the Non-Alligned Movement, which is one of the world’s biggest historic peace movements that unified over 75% of the members of the United Nations and more than half of the world’s population.’
“We face neither east nor west, we face forward”….,..By Dr. Kwame Nkrumah on the Non-Aligned Movement.
With World Peace Day now set on the same day as the birthdate of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, God has ensured that Dr. Nkrumah’s legacy of peace will come to the forefront every year!
By Her Excellency Rev. Dr. Ocansey
Co-Chair, We Support Peace Campaign, USA
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b2ap3_thumbnail_madam.jpgRenowned Philanthropist, Naa (Princess) Asie Ocansey, who recently received the prestigious AU Diasporan Bridge Builders awards during the just completed US-Africa Leaders Summit, was honoured at the CNN Center by CICA International University and Seminary, who conferred upon her the degree of Doctor of Philosophy Human Letters (Honoris Causa) at the Omni Hotel, CNN Center in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

In addition, Dr. Ocansey also received an Ambassadorial appointment from the Word of Life Christian Fellowship, an NGO in special consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC). She is now Her Excellency Rev. Dr. Naa Asie Ocansey, CDKA.
H.E. Rev. Dr. Ocansey is a member of the Ocansey Royal Family of Ada, Ghana, born to the late Nene Kubi III of Ada, and Mrs. M. O. Ocansey.
Naa is a Professional Engineer, with a Bachelor’s degree in Ceramic Engineering from Rutgers University College of Engineering, with a Masters in Packaging Science and Engineering, and a Graduate Certificate in International Trade and Finance, from NYU and several certificates on Migration.
A Philanthropist, a businesswoman, a songwriter, a voice for the voiceless, a migration expert and radio show hostess, Naa co-founded the rural Nekotech Center of Excellence -Ada, with the late, Mr. Isaac Hayes-Black Moses, with contributions from several of Hollywood’s top actors including Denzel Washington.
She co-founded the Save a Million Lives (SAML)from HIV/AIDS Project with Hollywood Actor Steven Seagal and with the USA African American National Medical Association and Student National Medical Association- saving millions of lives through HIV/AIDS awareness,video series, free medical care and medications to the rural poor.
The SAML project won several awards, including White House and Buckingham Palace recognitions. Through her Christian centered Ministry, Channels of Blessings, Rev. Dr. Ocansey is currently leading efforts for the eradication of Ebola in West Africa, under the ‘EradicateEbolaNow’ decree, a US-Canada based grassroots faith-based coalition to provide education and personal protective equipment to nations plagued by Ebola in West Africa.
Having been educated at the prestigious Wesley Girls High School in Ghana and Rutgers University’s College of Engineering in the USA, Naa gained valuable working experience, working in Engineering and Consulting positions with Fortune 500 companies plus UNDP & UNEP/ICT, as well as her own very successful clothing line on at Dayton Hudson’s and Marshall Fields as well as QVC TV, from 1994-1996, where her unique collectors black bear, Kwesibear, became one of the hottest selling ethnic items on QVC TV.
Kwesibear carried a message which said:’ We are all members of God’s Royal family, so lets treat each other like royalty’. Kwesi bear’s mandate was to build a peace chest among nations.
Naa has devoted her life to building Peace by constructing spiritual, economic, educational, employment and healthcare bridges. Through these bridges she has joined many hands to fight for the voiceless and faceless poor by mobilizing global support to help them break generational cycles of poverty, illiteracy and disease while bringing economic freedom to many through her migration programs.
She has won several awards, including the GPA awards of the UK, World Literacy Crusade Ambassador, the prestigious AU DAF Bridge Builders awards during the recent historic US Africa Leaders Summit, the Ron Brown Award for International Trade and Finance, and numerous others.
She has been featured on several radio and TV shows worldwide – such as CNN, BBC, ABC News, Fox TV, CBS, Ghana’s GTV.
HE Rev. Dr. Ocansey is a devoted mother to her daughter, Fumi Serwa and several adopted sons and daughters. She strives to live her life by the quotation, 1 Cor 16 v 14: Do everything in love.
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Bruce Aylward of the World Health Organization spoke of the agency’s strategy to fight Ebola. Credit Pierre Albouy/Reuters



GENEVA — The World Health Organization said on Thursday that the Ebola epidemic was still accelerating and could afflict more than 20,000 people — almost seven times the current number of reported cases — before it could be brought under control.


The dire forecast was made as the health organization reported that the number of known cases and fatalities had risen once again. The organization also acknowledged that in areas of intense transmission “the actual number of cases may be two to four times higher than that currently reported.”


The outbreak “continues to accelerate,” the organization said.

According to the latest figures released by the health organization on Thursday, the total cases had risen to 3,069, with 1,552 deaths, in four West African countries: Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.

Though the disease was identified in March, “more than 40 percent of the total number of cases have occurred within the past 21 days,” the organization said. “However, most cases are concentrated in only a few localities.”


Officials handing out food in West Point, Liberia, a region hit hard by Ebola. The death toll from the disease has risen to 1,552 in four countries: Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria. Credit Abbas Dulleh/Associated Press

The assessment came as the organization presented what it called a road map for stopping the transmission of Ebola within nine months. The plans are likely to cost nearly half a billion dollars over the next six months.


Though the road map aims to stop the epidemic in that time frame, “We have to be realistic that there is uncertainty” about such targets, Bruce Aylward, an assistant director general of the health organization, told reporters in Geneva.


With many centers for treating the disease now too full to take new patients, it was necessary to find and expand other approaches to contain the spread of the disease, the organization said.


The road map assumes that a number of countries that are not now affected by the epidemic could become so, but also asserts that the procedures it sets out could stop any new transmissions within eight weeks of the first case being identified.

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For the first time in Ghana, a virtual Job fair entirely dedicated to employment and career opportunities in the mineral exploration and the mining & Construction sectors.




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b2ap3_thumbnail_poc_bb_awards.jpgRenowned philanthropist, Princess Asie Ocansey has been awarded the prestigious African Diaspora Bridge Builders Awards at the just ended historic USA-Africa leaders’ summit in Washington DC.


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ACCRA – April 7, 2014 –  Princess Asie Ocansey, has been acquitted and discharged of all human trafficking and false charges of fraud in the case of ‘The Republic vs Naa Asie Ocansey’ involving one Eugenia Mensah Plange. 

The case was presented to the court by the Anti-Human Trafficking Unit of the CID, headed by Supt. Patience Quaye, who indicated that it was the US Embassy that sent in a letter to report this said Human Trafficking case in November 2012, though no letter from the US Embassy was tendered. 

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Accra, September 20th–Accra Circuit Court 7, presided over by His Worship Ebenezer OseiDarkodischarged the court case against Princess Ocanseyon September 18, 2013. Present in the court room were the Prosecutor, ASP George Amega and the lawyer for the defendant, Dennis AdjeiDwomoh, holding brief for Lawyer YonnyKulendi of Kulendi at Law, awell knownAccra- based law firm.

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Hani ishamael and Elizabeth Akatey - Ghana worker just promoted from stocker to asst. supervisor. Princess Ocansey looks on proudly 



JULY 4, 2013 – Dhajeej, Kuwait – The Sultan Center Food Products Co. KSC (better known as The Sultan Center, or TSC) Management welcomed Princess Ocansey of Ghana as Guest of Honor for the first anniversary celebration of the SOS-TSC Legal Migration Program between SOS Labour Ghana and The Sultan Center Kuwait which was initiated in 2011 with the first workers arriving in Kuwait in April 2012.

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Your Excellency, please accept our congratulations as the new president of our beloved nation! As youth of Ghana our hope is renewed because of you!
I Roberta Quansah and Nana Korankye Sam, are writing to you on our behalf as well as on the behalf of our other members of channels of blessings and SOS in Canada.

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We humbly take this opportunity to confirm to you our joy is fulfilled that you will be leading our nation!

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An appeal to reverse the wrongful human trafficking allegation to Princess Ocansey


Your Excellency, please accept our congratulations as the new president of our beloved nation! As youth of Ghana our hope is renewed because of you!
I Roberta Quansah and Nana Korankye Sam, are writing to you on our behalf as well as on the behalf of our other members of channels of blessings and SOS in Canada.

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We wish to congratulate Your Excellency for taking the highest seat in the lady and as well our First Lady and Mother of Ghana. It is our hope that justice, peace and freedom will be the order of the day during your esteemed time on this divine seat.

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"I was a steel bender in Ghana making $100 dollars a month. Now I'm working with a building construction company in British Columbia, Canada, on a two-year contract earning over $4,000 per month!"

Kwabena Darko

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